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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What types of iron are there in water?
A: Ferric and Ferrous; Ferric iron is visible as an orange water while Ferrous iron is dissolved in water with no color which can cause staining of plumbing fixtures when exposed to oxygen.

Q: What are the EPA Guidelines?
A: EPA Guidelines are approximately 0.3ppm.

Q: How can iron be removed?
A: Iron can be removed several ways. Iron filter with a medium of garnet/birm or injecting air into water to oxidize iron.

Q: What is a pH level?
A: pH is the balance of acidity and alkalinity on a scale of 1-15 with 7 being neutral. Water below 6.8 is considered to be acidic. Acidic water destroys metal piping and water fixtures. 

Q: What are EPA Guidelines on pH levels?
A: EPA guidelines 6.8 – 8.5 to raise pH in acidic water calcite, corosex or caustic soda solution are used. 

Q: What is hardness of water?
A: Hardness is dissolved minerals in water. This can be very abrasive and corrodes plumbing, piping and fixtures. Causes scale build up on appliances; clogs shower heads and aerators on faucets. While there are no EPA guidelines this can be a nuisance.

Q: How can dirty water be visibly cleared?
A: Visibly dirty water can be cleared with a multilayer filter or AG filters – This does not remove dissolved iron, balance pH or address hardness. Makes water visibly clean and is a good pretreatment unit for any water conditioning unit and extends the life of all equipment installed. Once water is iron free, pH balanced, and is of minimal hardness and then run through a UV light system you can be assured your water will be free of most all microorganisms.